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When Best Western Coupons Take You To the Queen Mary.

We’ve Got Best Western Coupons.

We recently came into some promo codes to stay at some Best Western hotels. What to do with this opportunity? Go on a road trip! Here’s where we found the coupons: So we decided to visit one of the most famous hotels in the world: the Queen Mary (no, it’s not a Best Western hotel). Being that the Queen Mary is in Long Beach, you may want to rent a car to get there from the closest airport, which is the John Wayne Airport in Orange Country. Most rental companies (particularly those not at LAX) will have great deals, click here to see offers.

On Location: Queen Mary in Long Beach, California

The Queen Mary is a truly extraordinary filming location for many reasons, least of which is the sheer size of this vessel that calls Long Beach, California its home port. The ship itself is film friendly with ample space for crews and set up. Many film makers have chosen this location for the diversity they find within the ship. Poseidon AdventureDeath Cruise, Pearl Harbor and Chaplin are just a small sampling of the different films that have been filmed at this location. Television shows like Will & Grace and JAG have also been shot on location at The Queen Mary.

The filming and entertainment industry has found The Queen Mary diverse enough to use as a location for commercials and music videos as well. Even Playboy has done photo shoots aboard The Queen Mary. This ocean liner in Long Beach, California is an excellent example of the many diverse locations in the state that Hollywood utilizes for production, in turn immortalizing a piece of rich historical property through film for the general public.

The Queen Mary is a historic Art Deco ocean liner, with every imaginable space type available right aboard the ship. There are 16 authentic ballrooms and 365 hotel staterooms. The ship offers restaurants, bars, indoor pools and even a jail. Film crews have access to kitchens, stairways, lobbies, engines and boiler rooms, with the inclusion of a Cold War era Russian submarine.


The Queen Mary was constructed by John Brown & Co. LTD of Clydebank, Scotland under the commission of Cunard Steamship Co. LTD with the keel being laid December 1, 1930, with its maiden voyage setting sail on May 27, 1936. There are 12 decks aboard The Queen Mary and over 2,000 port holes.

Interestingly, the ship is named after the consort of King George V of the United Kingdom, Mary of Teck instead of keeping with a tradition of the company to use names that ended in ‘ia’. The company actually asked for the king’s permission to name the ship after what they said was, “Britain’s greatest queen”. Mary of Teck formally announced that she would be thrilled to have the ocean liner named after her and so it came to pass though this story has been denied by some of the ship company’s officials.

An Important Role in History:

This ocean liner also saw war service from March of 1940 until September of 1946. Interestingly, The Queen Mary has garnered a rich history through its wartime service. The ship transported Winston Churchill three times to different conferences and carried over 12,500 G.I brides and children back to the United States during its wartime commission. Adolf Hitler offered the Iron Cross and the equivalent of over two hundred-fifty thousand dollars to the U-boat commander who could sink The Queen Mary. A German U-boat was nearly successful after spies reported the ships refueling stop, but The Queen Mary’s crew were alerted in time, changing their course and evading the Germans again.

During The Queen Mary’s wartime service as a transport ship during World War II she was called the ‘Grey Ghost’ because of her speed and camouflaging colors that made her hard to detect. The ocean liner is said to be haunted to this day which gives this location even more appeal for filmmakers and the general public alike. There have been reported sightings of apparitions and over paranormal phenomenon in the engine room, first-class pool, the cargo hold, the nursery and several other locations aboard the vessel.

Retirement at Long Beach

The Queen Mary was retired from regular passenger service in September of 1967 and arrived in Long Beach, California in December of that same year when the ship was removed from the British registry and officially turned over to the ownership of the City of Long Beach.

The ocean liner has been a historical place of interest to the general public and filmmakers alike ever since that time. The Queen Mary is an excellent filming location in the state of California and a point of pride to the citizens of Long Beach. With its authentic Art Deco style and vast amounts of diverse space, The Queen Mary is a great asset to the filming community.



The Best Budget Hotels in Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a picturesque area: the iconic Pier, the sandy beaches and beautiful sunsets aren’t just for photographers looking to bolster their signature collection on

Santa Monica hotels vary in prices and their room rates highly depend on the location that the hotel is located, as well as the amenities. The Santa Monica hotels which are nearer to the shoreline or Santa Monica dock might be more costly, while neighborhood areas might be more reasonable relying upon their closeness to the beach.

To get the most bang for your buck without much of a stretch look at motel costs in all of Santa Monica or in a specific range that suits you best. For instance, you can book the hotel near the attractions you are most interested in. Our point by point maps additionally give you the chance to pick between the least expensive lodgings in Santa Monica in view of the proximity of transport. Another great approach to get the most out of a tight budget is to stay flexible and wait for a special hotel offer (sometimes hotels give last-minute deals to fill their rooms).

The Brentwood Inn, Brentwood

A present day motel with hip insides and 24-hours service. This is an extraordinary spot for the individuals who need to remain in the motion picture star enclave for Brentwood, between Santa Monica and Bel Air, for phenomenal incentive for cash. It has 21 visitor rooms that are little however all around designated. Each one has a uniquely designed bedding, plasma TV, fridge, composing work area, espresso pot and free Wi-Fi. Mainland breakfast can be eaten outside on the beguiling breakfast yard, tea is accessible for the duration of the day, and treats and drain are accessible toward the evening and night.

Jamaica Bay Inn and Bayside hotel

Santa Monica is just straight place down from Los Angelo’s, which makes Santa Monica inns like Jamaica Bay Inn and Bayside Hotel awesome spots to decompress from the meeting, tradition, or show you’re going to. Indeed, Santa Monica is advantageous to any place in downtown Los Angeles, so regardless of the possibility that you’re around the local area on less obvious business than a prominent occasion, it’s a delight to remain at Santa Monica lodgings which are the Jamaica Bay Inn and Bayside hotel.

The Huntley Santa Monica Beach and JW Marriott Santa Monica Le Merigot


It’s hard to envision working the minute you spot Santa Monica’s unusual Ferris wheel in your field of vision, yet Santa Monica is really heaven for working together and not as a result of the view. Lodgings like Huntley Santa Monica Beach and JW Marriott Santa Monica Le Merigot offer work-accommodating enhancements like 24 hours business focuses, PC and printing administrations, and vast Wi-Fi, giving you the comfort of an office with the mood of a country estate.

Indeed, Santa Monica is helpful to anyone in downtown Los Angeles, so regardless of the possibility that you’re around the local area on less obvious business than a prominent occasion, it’s a joy to remain at Santa Monica hotels, such as Le Meridian Delfina Santa Monica and Hilton Santa Monica, The Fairmont Miramar Hotel and Bungalow AND Loews Santa Monica beach Hotel, Palihouse Santa Monica when you’re taking a break from business. All these hotels are affordable as they are the least expensive in Santa Monica.



The Top 5 Coolest Hotels in Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a beautiful city and if you’re coming here for business or pleasure it has some incredible luxury hotels you can stay at.  The Santa Monica area doesn’t have a lot of massive chain hotels dotting the shoreline. Instead you’ll find lots of mid-size hotels that look like they could be apartment buildings (and in some cases, these buildings pull double duty). Want to stay next to the Santa Monica pier? The exclusive area isn’t very cheap. However you can use a 10% off promotional offer to save on your hotel booking. Here are the top 5 coolest hotels in Santa Monica.

1. Hotel Casa del Mar & Suites

With a price $771 of and rating of 4.6 out of 5.

In a prime location to sip cocktails and watch the Pacific sunset. Sadly the furniture inside now looks more like the Hamptons and less like a local style. The hotel is designed with an elegant decor, a super wonderful band (The Left Over Cuties-with stand up bass play a modern take on 30’s and 40’s style music.) The windows are floor to ceiling and overlook one of the most beautiful beaches in southern California.

You will enjoy 1920s ocean front hotel with serene rooms & suites, plus a lounge, 2 eateries & a wellness spa.  Here is a tour of the rooms.

Other cool features include

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Jazz around 9 pm

Visit their website here:

2. The Ambrose Hotel

With a price of $459 and rating of 4.5 out of 5

A warm and inviting internal designed in a diverse, California craftsman-style design greets visitors at the Ambrose-Hotel. Light-filled and commodious rooms inspire visitors to relax and calm down—and convey our assurance to help all travelers get balance throughout their Santa-Monica tour, be it they’re here for corporate activities or leisure.

Chic quarters in a relaxed hotel featuring, organic breakfast & loaner bikes.

The rooms are cozy, and the breakfast is delicious (and more than enough to start a good day in LA!). It is also not far from the coast, which is a good plus.

Other cool features include

  • Great arts
  • Santa-Monica-Pier and Bergamot Station attractions
  • Courtesy chauffeured car service
  • Daily and free breakfast
  • The Ambrose-fitness-center, a twenty-hour facility equipped with entirely with everything from cardio-machines to free weights and yoga mats, and even as well as the Peloton bikes.
  • A twenty-hour corporate center
  • A touch of extravagance to every guest
  • Free Wi-Fi

3. Loews Santa-Monica Beach Hotel

With a price of $721 and rating of 4.4 out of 5

An upscale retreat offering chic public areas, posh balcony rooms, ocean view dining, a pool & spa.

The rooms are a good size and very nice set-up, ours even had a great view of the beach. Incredible service, and stellar views of the city.

Some cool features include:

  • 347 luxurious guest rooms including 21 suites
  • 17,000 square feet of indoor-function space, having ocean view
  • Eco-friendly Ocean and Vine restaurant offer locally caught seafood and fresh farmers’ market produce
  • Voted Most Loved Santa-Monica Hotel in the year 2016 Most Loved-Santa Monica Business Awards
  • Free Wi-Fi

4. Courtyard by Marriott Santa Monica

With a price of $484 and rating of 4.4 out of 5

Contemporary hotel offering sleek rooms, some with balconies, plus casual dining, a gym & a pool. The rooms are fantastic and plenty of space.

They have a cafe and location is right perfect

Other cool features include

  • Hard wood floors in the room
  • Pleasant staff
  • luxurious bedding
  • Expo train, just across from the hotel

5. Shore Hotel

With a price of $513 and rating of 4.4 out of 5

Contemporary hotel set opposite the beach offering an outdoor heated pool & a Mexican restaurant.

Other cool features include:

  • Eco-friendly including hybrid elevators, and solar heated pool
  • Modern hotel
  • Recommended place to anyone who travels around this area including universal studio.
  • Stunningly designed and decorated in a European influenced style